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What is WESS?

The WESS is a simple strategy designed by me for a better understanding of online marketing for beginners. It is a combination of four joint pillars of online marketing.

Simply stands for Website management, Email marketing, Social media marketing, and Search engine optimization.

These four are vitally important for the success of any online business.

1. Website Management

This is the very first step and this includes many aspects like the Theme, Pages, Analytics, CRM and etc.

2. Email Marketing

It includes things like Segmentation, Automation, Lead generation, Funnels and etc.

3. Social Media Marketing

It includes Content creation, Analytics, Engaging and etc.

4. Search engine optimization

It includes Backlinks, Keyword Research, Increasing CTR, Understanding KPI’s and etc.


For every successful website, these four are important ingredients and they should work mutually to make an online business successful.

There are also other important marketing streams like App marketing and etc but these are the main markets you need to look at into from the start as a business.

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