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How to Grow INSTAGRAM page from 0 to 100k Followers in 2019

If you ever wondered how people Grow Instagram accounts to 100k followers or 1 million followers and got a thought of growing your own page. Then I will show you the ultimate Instagram strategies that help you to succeed your page.

First of all, Instagram is now the first choice if you want to grow a Digital Asset on social media because Instagram Receives more Brand Engagements then any other Social Medium.

Instagram now has 1 Billion Users next to Facebook when compared to it’s 2.1 Billion users but Instagram is growing at a rapid speed which no social network is able to catch its growth rate so obviously Instagram is the best place for growing a Digital Asset in Social Media.

Now here are my 16 Techniques and Tricks which I use to grow my Clients Profiles. also, you may be interested in my article on How I drive 20,850 visitors every month to my website using Instagram, feel free to check that article.

Step 1. Creating Your Profile

Congrats you are going to start your profile once you decide to start to grow a page on Instagram you should choose a niche.

Choose a niche that you are interested in here are some of the popular niches in Instagram

  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • Memes
  • Sports
  • Celebrity News/Gossip
  • Health
  • Motivational quotes
  • Gaming
  • Pets
  • Beauty

And etc but these are the top niches on Instagram

Once you choose your niche then create your Instagram account and convert it into a business profile page.

How to Choose your Instagram username?

Remember one thing everyone should remember your username and it should steal the attention of users.

For instance, if you are in the dog niche you can’t use Dog has your profile name because it is already taken and the same thing happens to any Niche all the popular Instagram usernames are taken away

So what to do?

Use some hyphens or dots in your username for example if this username is not available

Dog lovers

So make it like this

Dog.lovers or Dog_lovers

If also not available try adding some more words or symbols but make it readable and understandable.

Step 2. Making a killer Bio

This is where you need to show your creativity and turn people as your followers

How to write your bio?

The more you Explain to people about you the chances are more likely they are going to follow you.

What do you need to explain in your bio?

Whether you are a person? Or a Company? Or just a page? This Don’t matter at all just explain to them these things in your bio

  1. Say them Who you are
  2. Say them from where you are
  3. Say them what content you post
  4. Say them why you are the better among others
  5. Use smilies and symbols to Decorate your profile
  6. Give them a CTA(I will explain about this within a minute continue reading)
  7. Finally, Give them a reason to follow you.

Here is a perfect example of a great bio that Rob Level uses.

Rapper Rob Level Instagram Bio

Using a CTA in your Bio

CTA is a short form for CALL TO ACTION and CTA’s are used for making people perform a particular Action like making them watch a video, Read an article or Buy Something and etc.

Here are some of the powerful words to use in CTA’s to maximize your conversions rate

  • FREE

and etc you can even perform research on this to maximize your conversion rate even more.

CTA on Millionaire mentor page

Step 3: Post Quality Content

I mean posting Good pictures and videos with Good quality don’t post blur images Instagram hates the profiles with blur pictures.

Main Rule is To AVOID Blur Pictures and post Good quality pictures.

Creating Captivating Captions.

Post captions with great content in them if you use long captions with 300-500 words in most cases you will be ended up by ranking at the top.

Step 3. Research Hashtags

First of all, know that you should not use 3-5 hashtags per post and leave it empty. Do you know that you can post up to 30 hashtags per post? so make sure you use all those 30 hashtags in every post.

Know My Hashtag Strategy

Takedown a spreadsheet and list all your hashtags while doing a Hashtag Research.

Instagram Hashtag Strategy

First 10 Hashtags

The first 10 Hashtags should be famous hashtags these hashtags should be used over Million times. So List down 9 Hashtags that are used more than a million times.

Second 10 Hashtags

The second 10 Hashtags should be used in a medium-range those hashtags should be used between 100k-900k times on Instagram.

Third 10 Hashtags

Third 10 Hashtags should be used in a very less simply they should be anywhere between 10k-90k times on Instagram.

This is how you are going to do your hashtag research and create 3 sets of hashtags and use them relevant to the post.

Step 4. Creating Buzz

Once everything is done, now you are going to create some buzz around your Instagram community to say that your profile is Born.

  • Post pictures

  • Like pictures

  • Comment pictures

Before creating Buzz make your profile look cool with Great Content and then start creating a buzz by commenting and liking pictures in your niche don’t leave the spam comments only leave valid and valuable comments then people will come to your profile if they found your profile cool they will start following you.

Step 5. Like and Comment pictures

I have already said it but I didn’t say you what pictures you should like and comment if you are in a Fashion niche and if you go on liking and commenting on the pictures which are in Health or some other niche you’re probably not going to get the followers because they are not interested in your content.

So you need to like and comment on the pictures in your niche.

Go To the hashtags in your niche and start liking and commenting on their posts But There are some limitations in liking and commenting by the hour and Day Basis don’t cross these limitations if you cross these limitations Instagram will detect your profile has spam and they will Shadow Ban you

  • 600 Likes/day (or) 80 Likes/Hour
  • 200 Comments/day (or) 25 Comments/Hour

Note: If your account is a new one then you should start slowly and these limits are for old Instagram accounts if your Instagram is a new profile then just warm up with it for a week then slowly start to increase your limit.

But You need a lot of patience and time to perform those likes and comments. So be patient and don’t lose your hope you’ll definitely get Followers.

Step 6. Follow/Unfollow People

Yes! Yes! Even I know people say Follow and unfollow method effects your profile health. and I also agree with them but you need to perform this in the initial stage of your profile to grab some base Followers after getting 200-300 Followers you can stop using this method as it Screws up your profile health.

Now figure out some of the big profiles in your niche and start following the followers of that profile your conversion rate will be high because the people whom you are going to follow are already interested in your niche so chances are they are more likely to follow you

And there are also limitations on following/unfollowing on Instagram if you go past this limits you may be shadowbanned by Instagram

300 follows/unfollows per day


30 follows/unfollows per hour

Note: If your account is a new one then you should start slowly and these limits are for old Instagram accounts if your Instagram is a new profile then just warm up with it for a week then slowly start to increase your limit.

Step 7. Engage with your audience

Engage with everyone who replies, messages or comments on your pictures this will make them your long-term potential followers so always be engaged and active with your followers.

Step 8. Networking and creating DM Groups

Now, this is the most important thing in Growing your Instagram page from scratch to 100k followers or 1 million followers you need to network with highly influential accounts in your niche and create DM groups or Pods with them.

What are Instagram DM Groups?

DM Groups are also called has Pods

Okay, let me explain to you when a post receives engagement from big profiles in your niche, Instagram will think the post has great content and should be shown to most users by bringing it to the explore page.

Meaning, if you receive likes, comments, saves and shares from big accounts in your niche your post can get a good amount of exposure from Explore Page and Hashtags Feed.

Now these DM groups will help you in getting likes, saves and comments on your posts and you will be on the explore page and you will get more followers

But you should not create DM groups with profiles that have low followers create DM groups with the accounts which have at least 10k followers within your niche.

So just head towards the accounts which have good reach in your niche and message them asking to join the DM group.

Step 9. Keep an eye on what is performing

Know what kind of posts your Audience like and I just want to give You an example, one of my friend James, runs an Instagram page in pet niche which has 83k followers when he posted about cats he will only get 3k-5k likes per post but when he posts about dogs his pictures receive likes anywhere between 7k-15k that’s clearly stating that James followers like Dogs more than cats.

So, He posts more about Dogs then cats similarly you need to figure out what kind of posts your audience likes and Encourage them to like & comment on the picture by using the right Content Strategy.

Step 10. Use Your Analytics Data

You should use your analytics to play a better Instagram game

Do you know that you will be having 20% more reach when you post at peak hours?

Insights on Instagram

Insights on Instagram

These are the statistics of one of my Instagram pages in Fashion niche according to this insight my audience will be active at 6 pm, 9 pm So I need to post at the same times when they are active and 90% of my followers are male So I need to post about men’s fashion in order to receive a high engagement.

Try to post at peak times chances are high that Instagram is going to push your post onto the Explore Page.

Also, use your top audience locations has your posts Geo-location. so people can also find your posts on Locations.

Just imagine your post at top of the location feed for new york city at least for an hour imagine how many followers you can get?

So never leave your post location empty.

Step 11. Never run your story out of time

Make sure there is at least one single story active on your profile 24 hours never run out of stories there should be a story always on your profile, Instagram loves the accounts which put their story section active always

Many people don’t even know that they can use hashtags in their stories. Use hashtags in your stories also.

Also, use polls, quizzes, and GIFs in stories so your audience will be engaged with your content.

Step 12. Go live

Do you know? live videos will be placed at the top of the user’s story feed on Instagram. so do more live videos and the best part of performing live activities is all your users will be highly engaged with your content.

Step 13. Make Use of IGTV

Instagram IGTV is a new feature that allows you to create a channel and upload videos in the longer format that is for more than 15 seconds and the videos should be in Horizontal form if you want to upload it on IGTV.

Step 14. Cross-Promote

Promote your Instagram profile on your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Your Blog, and all your social channels and ask your followers to follow you on Instagram.

Step 15. Use the Shootout for Shootout

Reach other accounts in your niche and ask them for a shootout in return you give back them a shootout run these shootouts for a particular account for a period of a week or month and be loyal to them.

STEP 16. Free Ebook

Last but not least, Drop Your Name and Email in the form below, I’ll be sending my Ebook for Free. This Ebook also helps you in monetizing your account, If you don’t have a business.

This Ebook explains all the surefire ways that I’ve used to grow 10 profiles to more than 100K followers and these Tactics have helped more than 100 people succeed with their Instagram Goals.


If you are willing to Grow a Social Profile I strongly suggest you go with Instagram because there is a lot of opportunities left

I hope this article has helped you if you have any other queries left away then leave down a comment Below I will reply back with my Best answer as soon as possible.


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