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How I Drive 20,850 Visitors every week to my website from Instagram

How to drive traffic from Instagram

How to drive traffic from Instagram

Instagram isn’t like all other Social Media platforms out there, You just can’t include a hyperlink on your post and ask your audience to click on that.

So this will make the process hard for you to drive traffic to your website from Instagram, but if you know the perfect steps to take then you can drive a lot of traffic.

Instagram Stories + Instagram accounted for 20,850 hits to my Website for the last 7 days.

Instagram Stories + Instagram accounted for 20,850 hits to my Website for the last 7 days. (Sept 7th – Sept 13th, 2019)

I myself drive over 20,000 Visitors every week from my Instagram to one of my news blogs, and this is not even so much of traffic because I know some other people who drive more than million visitors to their blogs/funnels through Instagram every month. so read this article to the end if you also want to drive such amount of traffic to your website, blog or funnel.

Instagram provides 5 methods to drive traffic from their network to your website organically without running any sort of ads, I will include all the five methods and I will dive into the tips on how to increase the hits to your website from Instagram.

1. Link IN BIO:

This is common by default this feature is enabled to all the Instagram users all you need to do is click on edit profile and add a link to your bio.

Instead of just adding a link to the bio use a CTA on your Bio if you don’t know what CTA is.. then it is the acronym for Call To Action

In simple language, a CTA Button asks the user to take some sort of action, here is a CTA Button on Instagram Bio of younghstlrs asking users to join their growth hack course on Instagram.

CTA on Younghstlrs

CTA on Younghstlrs asking users to join their growth hack course

Similarly, you need to use a CTA that is suitable for you if you have a video to watch then add something like watch the video and if you have a book to sell then add something like Buy the Book there are many CTA buttons, some of the most commonly used are:

  • FREE


In this step, you have got a piece of bad news and a piece of good news, the bad news is that you at least need 10,000 followers on your Instagram profile to use Swipe Up story option.

Good news is that you can drive a lot of traffic from this method, also it is the primary method for many businesses on Instagram to drive traffic to their websites. If you don’t have 10k followers on Instagram, I strongly suggest you read this article on How to Grow Instagram page from 0 to 100k followers

To add a Swipe up you need to click on the link icon on your story and add the link of your target destination. you can also use swipe up Gif’s to increase the conversion rate of your swipe ups.

Listen carefully, the tactic what I am going to say now is not used by most people and make sure you do use it. whenever you add a swipe up, create an attractive graphic and post it on your feed asking them to check your story, this tactic will Sky Rocket your traffic.

Tip: Stories which can build curiosity and has CTA performs a lot better and here is a perfect example with both those ingredients.

Stories which can build curiosity and has CTA performs a lot better.

Stories which can build curiosity and has CTA performs a lot better.

3. IGTV:

Most people even don’t know that this feature even exists. Maybe, even you don’t know about this feature.

Whenever you publish a video on IGTV you will get a space where you can write a description for your IGTV video and the good part about this is you can add hyperlinks to the descriptions which work unlike the captions on Instagram feed posts.

If you’re a great video editor this can be a el-dorado for you, just post the snippet of the video and ask your viewers at the end of that snippet video to watch the full video by clicking the link in the description.

4. Messaging:

Isn’t that spammy? Yes, it is a spam thing when you direct message people in hundreds just for the sake of promotion but why can’t you reply to the people with a link who messages you?

and I don’t mean reply to every person with a link who messages you on Instagram, that also falls under the spam behavior, people will ask you some sort of questions when they message you.

For example, Just yesterday a guy came to me on Instagram asking how to grow his Instagram and I just gave him a link to the blog post what I’ve written a year ago on How to Grow Instagram page from 0 to 100k Followers

Similarly, people will come to you with questions and you need to redirect them to your sales pages or blog posts.

5. Shop:

Finally, last, but not the least you can directly send your audience directly from Instagram to your product page by adding the shop feature to your page.

Integration between Instagram and your shop should be done by a developer like me or you can also do it yourself if you’re familiar with the Content Management Systems like WordPress or Shopify

Also, DO you want to Increase your Traffic from Instagram by 10 times? then reach me by filling this contact form below.


Instagram is a honeypot to drive traffic to your website if you implement the right tactics.

I hope this article has helped you if you have any other queries left away then leave down a comment Below I will reply back with my Best answer as soon as possible.


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