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Best way to Start a Blog in 2019

Best way to start a blog that Generates passive monthly income in 2019.

Hey this is Rishi here, First of all welcome to Digital Blow now you are at the right place to take your knowledge and start your first dream blog that generates you passive income online if you are here looking to make some quick money online through blogging I am sorry this article is not for you and this is not any “Get rich quick online scheme”

If you are having a fear of getting started with a blog read the article on How to overcome your fear of starting a blog.

I will break down it into 8 simple steps just to make it easy for you and without getting any late let’s jump into the topic.

8 Simple Steps to Create Your Dream Blog

8 Simple Steps to Create Your Dream Blog

1. Choosing your Niche for Blogging

If you don’t know what is niche blogging then here is the short and simple meaning of Niche Blogging “Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a particular niche market.”

Here are popular Blog Categories for the blogging

Popular Blog Categories

Popular Blog Categories

How to choose Niche for your blog?

yes and this question stucks in your mind once you watched all the popular niche topics from the above picture so how to choose your niche topic

First Brainstorm yourself and start blogging about the topic you are passionate about anyone can’t blog about the topic they are not interested in for instance if you don’t like something like parenting and you choose it has your blog topic and start blogging you can’t maintain that blog in the long run.

Instead, If you love your pet then start blogging about your Dog or Cat but wait you can’t blog everything about a Dog because it is a huge niche instead come up with sub-niche topics like Dog food, Dog vaccination, Dog Training and etc

2. Choosing your Domain name

Once you choose your niche then the next step is Grabbing a perfect Domain Name for your website.

You can get your Domain name from some of the top domain providers like Godaddy, Namecheap & etc.

Here are some tips on how to choose your domain name

1. First, you need to choose your top-level domain extension .com or .info or any other country level top domain like .us,.co.uk,.in but until and unless you target a specific country your best bet would be on .com because it is the most commonly used top-level domain name globally

2. Use Relevant keywords in your Domain Name for instance if you are in dog health niche then your domain name could be something like a healthy dog or dog doctor or something like that this will add some extra miles to your Blog SEO

3. Make it easy to type and pronounce

4. Never use Numbers and hyphens in domain names it will be very hard for the visitor to remember your domain if it is something like this healthydog3 or healthy-dog, so never and ever use numbers and hyphens in your Domain name

5. make it memorable according to a study 90% of successful blogs have 6-14 characters in their domain name, so try to keep in between 6-14 words

3. Choosing your Hosting provider

Once You have your own Domain name it’s time to pick your Hosting Provider the best hosting providers in the industry are Bluehost, 1&1 and etc.

My recommendation would be Bluehost because they provide you great Uptime and quick 24/7 customer service compared to other hosting networks.

Bluehost also offers a free Domain and 150$ worth ad credits and many more with their hosting plan so no need to purchase a domain name.

4. Setting up your Blog

Once you have a website up now it is time to Decorate your website with a Good theme and getting a good CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS) commonly used CMS are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla they are leading industry since years with Powerful Plugins and management.

Once you select your CMS then set up a perfect theme for your blog or You can buy a Theme for your blog from Elegant Themes.

Create all the necessary pages a blog require

  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Privacy policy page
  • Sitemap page

Once you have all these pages make it easy to navigate for all the pages on your blog for the visitor.

That’s it now your website is ready for posting content.

5. Setting social profiles for your blog

Once you create your blog you need to show your presence on social media so here is the list of popular social media networks you should concentrate on

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • stumble upon
  • Google plus
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Flickr

Once you create your presence on these social platforms show batches of your social profiles on your blog and share all your blog articles on these networks and always be engaged with your audience on your social profiles.

But how much time it would take for you to share your blog articles on all these networks but there is no need to worry if you are using WordPress there is a free plugin called Jetpack it is used to automatically share your content on all your social platforms instantly after you publish a post on your blog.

6. Creating content for your website

Now you are going to create content for your blog this is one of the most important things in your journey of blogging you may get a Great domain name and best theme and powerful plugins to your blog but all this stuff is waste if you don’t have a Good content

Trust me or not Content is always the king of INTERNET

if you hate writing content then just go and hire a writer from websites like iwriter, Upwork or Fiverr.

So how you are going to write content for your Blog?

Many Bloggers get stuck with the same question and people are having many questions like How to write my first blog post? & How to use keywords in my article? and lots more.

Here are my 5 tips on writing Content for your Blog

1. Target the audience looking specifically for something and answer their needs and leave your affiliate link after giving good value to them.

2. Find and Research the keywords you want to rank and analyze your competitor’s with SEMRUSH.

3. Make your article captivating and readable. write your content in You and I format.

4. Use pictures with good captions and use at least one picture for every 5-6 sentences.

5. Write your posts in a way that your visitors turns into customers/clients.

7. SEO for your blog

Whatever your blog is up to now. Your Blog will be a huge Disaster if you don’t have a Proper SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). SEO helps you get ranked on the top spots of Google, Yahoo, and bing or other search engines.

So how to rank your blog or website at the top for a specific keyword by performing SEO

First of all, there are two kinds of Search engine optimizations they are

  1. White Hat SEO optimization
  2. Black Hat SEO optimization

And yes your guess is right! White hat SEO is the legal and ethical way to perform SEO where else, Blackhat SEO is an unethical way to rank your website or blog by using some formulas and tricks that fool search engines but black hat optimization doesn’t help you in the long run and you should be in a tense whenever there is an Algorithm update by Google, so always go with White hat search optimization.

Never Go With Black Hat you will be in problems

Two parts of SEO


1. ON-Page SEO

I will break down On-page SEO step by step in 7 simple steps for your better acknowledgment as I already said you it is the most important part in growing your blog so I suggest you read with a Good Concentration.

1. Usage of keywords in Content

Using Keywords at the right time without stuffing them throughout your article is the key to success in driving juice full organic traffic to your blog from Google or other search engines.

Always use your main keyword in your title tag, meta tag, and h2 tags but don’t overuse it which makes your Blog to be marked as spam.

Whenever you are going to write a blog post make a research on the keywords that you can rank for and here are some things you need to take care when you are going to do research for keywords :

  1. Make sure the keyword has Good monthly search volume.
  2. Pick the keywords which have less competition.
  3. Make sure you can rank for the keyword.
  4. Never pick the keywords that are not relevant to your topic/niche.

Keep these 4 rules in your mind while doing keyword research.

How are you going to do Keyword Research?

Don’t worry there are many tools I’ve found on the internet to do a keyword research but none of them works as perfect as SEMRUSH.

If you people don’t know what is Semrush. Semrush is an SEO tool that helps you to research Keywords and many other features they provide you all analytics and metrics of a specific keyword and suggests you better keywords and their vast features also simplify your by showing you whether it is easy or hard to rank for a specific keyword

They are also offering a 14-day free trial in which you can try all their features for free at SEMRUSH.

visit SEMRUSH for more details.

2. Making SEO Friendly URLs

Always include your keywords in your article URL, for example, don’t make it look like this


Instead, make it look like this


If you are using WordPress it automatically generates a good link to your post

3. Using Outbound links

Link your blog to High Authority websites or blogs in your blog articles so Google can get a perfect scenario on what you Blog and Article is all about.

4. Using inbound links

Link to the older posts on your blog from your recent posts or edit your old posts and link to other articles it can decrease your Bounce rate and simply another formula Traffic=Money works on.

5. Optimize your pictures

Make sure all your Pictures contain Alt Text with keywords in them.

6. Make your site load faster

According to a study if your blog loads more than 4 seconds 70% of people will quit your website. You can check your website speed always for free at GTMETRIX or by Google Page Insight Speed Tool

Also, you can set up GOOGLE AMP (ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES)on your blog for faster loading also it helps you increase your SERPS.

7. Make your articles long

Make your articles as long as possible. writing articles with more than 2000 words is a great thing to boost your blog or at least try to write the articles with a minimum recommendation of 300 plus words.

2. OFF-Page SEO

now, what’s left with off page SEO? The answer is not much it’s just link building everyone commonly calls them has Backlinks.

Backlinking is just getting a link from some other websites. You can get them easily by commenting but wait if you get links from dumb blogs or websites those are completely useless.

You should get backlinks from the domains within your niche which have Good Quality and Higher Domain Authority that’s how the game becomes harder.

Here are some of my tips to get high-quality backlinks

  1. Do Roundup posts.
  2. Leave comments on forums and blogs with value but not spam.
  3. Mention Brands in your Content.
  4. Ask other bloggers in your niche to include some of your content in their Contextual text articles.

8. Monetizing your Blog

There are many ways to monetize your Blog and here are my top 3 picks to monetize your blog

1. Ads

Ads are common ways to monetize your Blog to make money. You will be paid on CPC & CPM basis in ad networks.

My Top 5 Ad Network recommendations

1. Google Adsense

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is too simple when someone goes through your link and purchases something from a vendor you will be paid a commission On the sale made by customer normally the commissions are ranged anywhere in between 6% to 90%.

My Top 5 Affiliate Network Recommendations

1. Rakuten Link Share
2. CJ Affiliate
3. Clickbank
4. Amazon Associates
5. Shareasale

3. CPA offers

CPA stands for Cost Per Action this means when someone performs some action through your link you will be paid.

There are different types of CPA offers like submitting Pin or email address, installing an app, completing a survey and etc.

You can Choose the offers that are relevant to your content/Niche.

My Top 5 CPA Network Recommendations

1. Yoonla
2. MaxBounty
3. Peerfly
4. Clickbooth
5. GlobalwideMedia


I hope this guide has helped you in understanding starting a blog is not just optional in these days.

Also how much I spoon feed you here nothing happens unless you take charge and start working hard.

If you have any other queries please leave down a comment I will respond back with my best answer as soon as possible.


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