Program and Market :)

About Me

Who are You?

Well, I am a 19 Year Guy tirelessly looking for Knowledge In Technology, Programming, and Digital Marketing.

of course, I’ll be sharing the things on my articles 🙂

What Do You do?

I will create and run some cool code – Yeah, Innovative guy 🙂

What Computer Languages Do You Know?

I am a Full-stack Web Developer. but I’ll not list my languages here, coz this is not my resume.

Blasts From Past:

  • Designed more than 15 Websites
  • Grown 10 Profiles over 100k+ Followers on Instagram
  • Helped more than 100 people to achieve their Goals on Instagram
  • A campaign I created on Facebook Ads Generated 330% ROI

I have more questions?

Write to me, I’ll respond


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